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Toliara, Madagascar — weather by month, water temperature

Weather in resort cities around the world, data for the past 5 years. Information includes daytime and nighttime temperatures, water temperature, rainfall, and day length. Convenient graphics and weather comparison in different resorts around the world.
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Toliara — weather by month, water temperature
The air temperature by month

These charts are based on weather information for the last 5 years. All values ​​are averaged. You can also look at the information for each month for the last 5 years and see how the weather in this region has changed — Toliara on the map, Madagascar. Find out in which months it is best to relax when the season begins and when it ends.

The average maximum daily temperature — 34.1°C in March. Average maximum night temperature — 26.1°C in January.

The average minimum daily temperature — 28.5°C in August. The average minimum night temperature — 19°C in July.

The water temperature by month

Average maximum temperature of the water — 28.9°C fixed in February. The average minimum temperature of the water — 23.9°C fixed in August.

Precipitation, mm

Maximum precipitation — 155 mm It was recorded in January. Minimum precipitation — 3.5 mm It was recorded in August.

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